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Physical Properties Of Granite

Granite is a unique material, these physical characteristics are mainly characterized by the following porous/permeability: the physical permeability of granite is negligible, in the heat stability between 0.2%-4%: Granite has high-strength heat-resistant stability, it will not change due to external temperature changes, granite because of its high density and not because of temperature and air composition changes.

Granite has a strong corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in reserve chemical corrosion to ductility: The extended coefficient range of granite 4.7x10-6-9.0x10-6 (inch x inch). Color: granite color and material are highly consistent hardness: Granite is the hardest building material, also because of its ultra strong hardness and make it have good abrasion resistance.

Ingredients: Granite is mainly composed of quartz and orthoclase and micro-oblique feldspar, the most primitive granite is mainly composed of the following three parts: Feldspar quartz biotite. The proportion of all ingredients is generally determined by color and material, but generally the proportion of feldspar is 65%-90% quartz 10%-60% biotite 10%-15%